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I have fibromyalgia and decided to try the salt cave to help with the pain. The pain is less intense and I'm in a better mood. When I did have a flare-up one day, I decided not to take any medicine to see how much benefit l could get from a session. I was amazed that the pain had almost subsided. I have never had the experience of my muscles letting go before. It is truly a wondrous experience that happens only in the cave.

I have been a client of Timeless for several years. Recently Timeless began offering a new treatment called Thermojet. My results with Thermojet were truly unbelievable. I am 47 years old and for the past seven years have been struggling with watching the cellulite over take my thighs and buttocks. Diet and exercise did little to dissipate the appearance of the cellulite. After just three treatments, the cellulite on my legs was almost all gone. My husband told me that of all the body and facial treatments I have had this one has had the most dramatic effect. I have to say I agree with him.
Sheila 8/06

Jody and the staff at Timeless Day Spa have become an incredibly important part of my life – both personally and professionally.

I had the pleasure of experiencing my first Timeless appointment approximately one year ago – and truly wasn’t sure what to expect. I had certainly had spa experiences before, where reed thin, dark lipped attendants wearing black and having names like Angelique swoosh in and out of dimly lit rooms, barely speaking to you and leaving you wondering what exactly you’ve got on your face… and what would you do if there was a fire drill. I was delighted to see that this was not at all my Timeless experience. I was welcomed by Ardis who immediately made me feel comfortable, talked me through my first oxygen treatment, explained what Synergie was and introduced me to Jody. I absolutely fell in love with both Synergie and Photo rejuvenation during that first visit… and it was only reinforced later that evening when my husband said, “You’re stomach does feel tighter”. I bought my first package of Synergie sessions that next day!!

I have the pleasure of having an all female team at work and naturally Timeless came to mind when discussing what to do for our off-site experience last year. I wasn’t sure if the team would be as enthusiastic as I was about Timeless– they are a younger team and I wasn’t certain that the “anti-aging” focus would be intriguing. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Jody closed the spa for the night, allowing us to have free reign to explore different treatments, relax, laugh and enjoy each other’s company. The atmosphere that she created was magical that evening and without a doubt the highlight of our meeting!

Now, one year later, I find myself going to Timeless for not only the treatments, but the camaraderie that you feel the moment you walk into the spa. Jody has built a magnificent business, providing proactive services that respond to many women’s concerns about their looks and aging….but it is her heart, where the true beauty of what she offers - shines through.
Diane Newell Wrigley March 2008

When I was fortunate enough to come upon the Timeless Day Spa, I soon discovered a little slice of heaven. Reading about the new Thermojet system I quickly decided to give this a try. My experiences with the Thermojet treatments have been extremely positive. From the very real reduction in cellulite and inches, I also find the treatment to be an intoxicating blend of relaxation and self-empowerment.

All the treatments that are offered at the spa are tempting. When I made the choice to give the Ionic Foot treatment a try I didn’t know what to expect. I was completely unprepared fro the most dramatic immediate results. The joint pain in my knees was alleviated instantly and over the course of time has not returned.

The greatest gift Timeless has to offer is time spent with Jody. Anyone fortunate enough to find themselves relaxing through a Thermojet treatment with Jody by your side will soon realize they are in the presence of an Angel here on earth. I feel among the lucky to have found a sanctuary that feeds not only my body, but also my soul.
Andra Baeten

Dear Jody:
I just want to thank you for the amazing experiences I’ve had since I’ve become a client of Timeless. First of all, I am a spa service and product junkie. I’ve spent a lot of time and money on weight loss treatments, creams, programs as well as traditional spa services and have never had the results that I’ve seen with the services at your spa, nor have I had such and enjoyable time in the process.

Finding Timeless Day Spa this April has proven to be one of my best finds of the year. I booked my first appointment after receiving a coupon for a Photo Facial. My first visit to the spa truly exceeded my expectations. I was greeted with such a welcoming, friendly atmosphere - very unlike many of the high-end spas I’ve visited in the past. They just made me feel so comfortable, like I had been a client for years. Jody and her staff always go way above and beyond to make your experience there one that’s relaxing, enjoyable and at the same time inspiring.

Shortly after my first visit, I was getting nervous because swimsuit season was fast approaching, a time of year I always dread. So I decided to try a few Synergie treatments and then the Thermojet product was introduced. I am truly amazed at the changes I’ve noticed since beginning these sessions. I have lost about 10 pounds and what’s even better is the way my clothes are fitting now. I’m getting into pants that have been in the “skinny” section of my closet for over a year that I couldn’t wear. My biggest problem areas with cellulite and fat have always been my thighs and buttocks, and no matter how much weight I’ve lost in the past, these are the last areas to see any results. With Thermojet, I started seeing immediate results on my inner thighs and buttocks in terms of reduction of cellulite appearance, increased tone and smoothness, and lost inches!! This is by far the best results I’ve ever seen with any type of cellulite treatment and the process is painless. I would definitely recommend Thermojet to anyone who has extra inches they’d like to lose or concerns with cellulite appearance. Jody takes the time to really listen to her clients and engage with them to explain the process and also makes you feel extremely comfortable during the treatment.
I really can’t say enough about the positive experiences I’ve had at Timeless and how happy I am with the results. Thank you!!!
All my best,

The thermo jet treatments have been great for me. These treatments are a great way for me to relax, get a good sweat and get results. It seems too easy to be true but I have experienced it for myself. To my surprise, I was able to wear a pair of pants that I haven’t been able to put on for two years. Timeless Day Spa has many great treatments in addition to thermo jet. The spa is adding new treatments every week and is always willing to try new things for their clients. Jody is always wonderful and delightful. She goes above and beyond to make sure that you have a pleasant experience at the spa.
Brooke Dunwell
April 16, 2007

Dear Jody, Artis, Stephanie, and Robin:
I met all of you shortly after we moved to Naperville two years ago. I was drawn to your advertisements for photo rejuvenation, and was extremely pleased with my results. I proceeded to try synergie, facials, makeup applications, and various other products that were available through the spa.

Every single service was professionally administered with a touch of humor, and a caring attitude. Over time, I no longer felt like a satisfied client, but a welcomed member in a circle of friends.

It is rare to find a business that strives for perfection, delivers what they promise and wraps it up with the warmth of genuine concern. I am sorry to be moving again, but wanted to thank you for all you have done, and extend my best wishes on the continued success of your business.
Nancy D’Amuro

When I arrived from California 2-1/2 years ago, I was introduced to the Timeless Day Spa by a good friend of mine and after hearing her rave reviews about the results she was receiving, I immediately made an appointment for my Photo Rejuvenation trial session. The moment I left the spa, I felt a slight tightness to my skin and by the next day, noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin. Years of living in California, and always driving without wearing sunglasses, had left me with deep crows feet on the left side of my face that were obvious without even smiling and after two sessions, I noticed the lines were diminishing. Even better, my friends began to notice, as well. By the end of six sessions, the lines were gone and remain gone to this day. I enthusiastically continue a maintenance regiment because I know that as I do, I will continue to have younger looking skin to look forward to. And if getting excellent results aren’t enough, the staff at Timeless treats each client like a queen and a friend. What can be better than that?
Cande 2004

I became acquainted with Timeless Spa when I read about the Thermojet treatments for cellulite in a magazine. I had previously tried Suddenly Slender Body, but did not find the results worth the time and price (and, I might add, they were quite messy).
I was already in the process of losing weight after a back injury last winter that had limited my exercise routine. I was excited at the thought of getting rid of some of my stubborn trouble spots with this method, especially after seeing the results of another client. I am 51 years old and have been finding it more and more difficult to lose weight. But after 4-6 treatments, I noticed that one particular top was no longer hugging my stomach and hips in the same way, but was beginning to even feel “loose”. I love the “flat” feeling after a treatment.

Jody’s Timeless Spa is an inviting, comfortable alternative to the usual big-name spas which can come across as stuffy and intimidating. Jody is engaging and a truly caring person, spending time with each of her clients.
My thanks to you, Jody,

Dear Timeless,
I am writing you because I feel compelled to give you some feedback. When I came to you I really needed a lift - both mind and body. I came in for an initial consultation with Jody and I almost immediately found myself feeling better. Jody listened to me. She is genuinely interested in making my experience there a wonderful one - body, mind, and spirit. The atmosphere inside the spa is so warm and inviting. After only a few Synergie sessions I began seeing some dramatic changes in my body. I am so
pleased with the results I've had! And that's not all. As I began having success with Synergie I thought about other areas that could use help. The first thing that came to mind was my tired, neglected skin. I've spent my entire life with less than fabulous skin and, when you're dealt a deck like that, you usually just learn to live with it. But after accomplishing so much through Synergie, I thought a conversation with the professionals at Timeless could be constructive because they are so knowledgeable. They introduced me to IPL. My skin was almost immediately improved - I still
can't believe it! It's such a simple, relaxing treatment. My sensitive skin doesn't tolerate much of anything very well. The IPL treatments were amazing - no harsh chemicals or other irritants. Who knew - I have gorgeous skin!!

Just spending time in the spa brings relief from the stress of every day.
Even though, due to a job transfer, I had to relocate and now live over an
hour away from the spa, I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else.
That's it. You probably hear this stuff all the time but I thought you
ought to hear it from me too. In my opinion there is not another place on
earth that is more inviting, soothing, and refreshing.
Andrea Fioccola

Jody is thorough, talented and skilled in her profession. I like the warm, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere and the variety of services she had created in her business. My husband and I have tried and enjoyed many of the services Timeless offers. It is a spa that is beneficial and comfortable for both men and women. The staff is courteous, fun-loving and makes you feel as though you are a priority.
M & T 2006

From the time I set foot into Timeless Spa, I knew that my experience for the next 6 weeks was going to be something really special.

Day 1 ~ I was greated at the door by owner, Jody Buckle and make-up artist, Ardis Wilson. Their smiles and hugs and conversation made me feel so comfortable (cuz yes! I was a little nervous!) We cracked open a bottle of champagne to celebrate and then the “transformation” was ready to begin!

Each visit always started with a 30-minute Synergie treatment. This is supposed to reduce cellulite and build muscle tissue. At this point, I was very skeptical about this, but let me tell you ~ Yes! It DOES WORK! Yes I did some dieting ~ but that’s about all. I went from a size 12 to an 8 when the 6 weeks were over! Liposuction without surgery and a heck of a lot less expensive too! I HIGHLY recommend it!

Other services that I had weekly included microdermabrasion on my face as well as Photo Rejuvenation. Microdermabrasion is “gentle” sand-blasting on your face to remove the dead skin. It didn’t hurt at all and caused no redness or irritation at all. My face feels so smooth and renewed after these treatments. The Photo Rejuvenation I swear made my face look years younger! It’s a pulsing laser (no pain here either ~ can’t feel a thing!) that DOES reduce wrinkles, freckles, melasma, crow’s feet and builds the structure of your face using your own collagen.

Timeless has so many specialty services that you just don’t see anywhere around here. Not only are the services special ~ but the entire spa itself. It is a PERFECT little oasis for women (ok ~ men can come too). The décor is so inviting and just seems to help reduce your stress level by just being there.

Throughout my weeks “living” at the spa, I found that each and every person that entered Timeless was greeted with GENUINE warmth from Jody and all of the staff members of the spa. You get the feeling as all of these clients have been friends of theirs for years! What a great feeling! You REALLY feel cared for . It is SO genuine. Some days after my services were completed, I would sit on the sage green micro-suide couch donned with pretty pillows and talk in some conversation with another client who ”just can’t get up” to go home either. Stories were shared, laughs were exchanged, a glass of wine we drank. The whole experience has had a huge impact in my life. “Life goes by too quickly not to stop and spoil yourself a little bit” is what I have learned from all of this. I have heard so many people say “women are givers, not takers.” And if we don’t take once in a while, we cannot give. So ladies, get up now. Go do something nice for YOU. Hurry! Do it now. YOU deserve it. Remember, life is TOO short.

Many special people helped me become the special person that I feel like I am today. Thank you so much to Jody Buckle, owner of Timeless, Ardis Wilson, make-up designer and artist, Ruby Rahmani, aesthetician, Robin Fitzgerald, Nancy Aaron, nutritionist, Dr Ron Schefdore, cosmetic dentist and Karen Messina, hair stylist.
Kelly Doran
(winner of the Amazing 6-Week Make-over)

Jody was just another vender that we had invited to CPAC to join us for our open house about four years ago. Little did I know she would turn out to be one of my best friends. She's got the biggest heart and truly cares about everyone she meets. One of the biggest things with Timeless Spa, I wasn't just another number, I was somebody. Some of the other spas call your name, give you a glass of water and sit you in a room with other people you don't know and it's just not comfortable. At Timeless Day Spa, it's not like that at all. The girls that work there are so nice and treat you like your part of their little family and everyone of them are so good at what they do. THANKS JODY AND EVERYONE AT TIMELESS DAY SPA!!!!!!!

Jody Buckle & the entire Timeless Day Spa Organization,
I just wanted to send a Thank you letter for the hospitality that you showed my wife (Laura Baines). My wife was extremely nervous prior to coming to your spa because she didn't know what to expect. Your employees treated her just like family and made her feel very welcome. One of the biggest things with my wife is that she doesn't allow people to invade her personal space. I was extremely please that with the hospitality and courtesy your staff showed, that you were able to break that barrier. That is a barrier that people she has been friends with for a while have not broken. I couldn't believe how excited she was as she told me about her visit.

I also wanted to send a very special Thank you for going more then that extra yard in picking up the roses for me. I do realize that you have a business to run, but helping me to give my wife a complete evening could not have happened if I could not send her home with memories by way of a dozen roses. I really appreciate your efforts in placing the order for me and picking up the roses. My wife still has tears in her eyes and it's because of you making this day complete. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to people I come across.
Again Thank you so much.
Darrell L. Baines
Export Group Leader
Toyota Tsusho America- Chicago

Dear Jody,
I'd like to thank you very much for a wonderful place you have created and all the great treatment options you offer. The people and the atmosphere of your spa are very inviting and homey, and I am always looking forward for my next visit! A special thanks are definitely going to Stephanie, whose hands just do wonders with my skin - her light touch even took care of the bad irritation I got every time after getting my upper lip waxed, before she did it! I see a clear improvement of my skin after just 2 microdermabrasion and 2 photo rejuvenation sessions - it became much smoother and less oily, just like Stephanie had promised. I am looking forward to the future beauty treatments, and we definitely owe it to ourselves to get them - they do make a difference!
Thanks again,
Tatyana Anodenko

I wanted to thank you again for making Susie (aka Do Do) and my experience
at your spa such a pleasurable one. We really enjoyed ourselves. You Ardis
and Stephanie were all so nice! You guys really go that extra mile to make
people feel comfortable. We will definitely be returning.

Thank you again and I hope you have a healthy, safe new year.
Terri Morlock
Suncast Corporation

After 4 Thermojet treatments, I have noticed considerable loss of spare tire weight. My waist is noticeably smaller. I have also noticed a decrease in my backside ~ buttocks. My clothes are much loser and I am feeling much better about myself. What an easy way to lose weight.
L.W. 8/06

I started the Thermojet treatments and have not noticed any weight loss but definitely inches and clothes that I wasn't able to wear have
become looser. The power pops definitely help me. When I'm getting to that hungry part of the day, I open one and can make it a few more hours without eating and have more energy almost instantly.

Caryn Lobodzinski
Carol Stream, IL

Jody, Just want to say "Thanks" for all the services you have provided to my family and me. Of course you know tanning is a favorite, but the facial treatments are always Great!!! The makeup and treatments have defiantly made a difference in my complexion.

Timeless is just a fun and relaxing atmosphere because of YOU and your staff. Best Wishes For the New Year!!!! Char

Fall 2009

If I had to give one word to describe the Timeless Salt Cave it would be Bliss….. and the Definition of Bliss is: extreme happiness or spiritual joy.

I visit the Salt Cave as often as I can. I am a Fibromyalgia Survivor!! The reason I say Survivor is…..Fibromyalgia is not a life threatening disease but it’s symptoms are chronic pain, brain fog, muscles that feel like cement, fatigue and many more. Each day brings a new set of symptoms and the barometric pressure/humidity play a role in how we will feel from day to day. As with many diseases there is no cure for Fibro and all of us manage our symptoms as best we can.

I am also a Caregiver. I try to find as many alternative medicine modalities as I can to
Help my clients with their health issues. Each person is different and their health issues
Have different symptoms. I have been bringing my lady friend, to the Salt Cave, hoping that the healing air inside the Cave will help her with her memory loss.
I have tried just about everything to help with my chronic pain, brain fog and fatigue.
Acupuncture, Massage, Aromatherapy, Meditation just to name a few….I do take medication, but not pain pills. My saving grace has been the Salt Cave. As soon as I walk in and get in my chair I can feel my back start to “release” and my muscles “release” also. Releasing is like a popping and then my pain is less. I love to deep breathe in the heavily saturated air. I listen to the ocean and I can bring myself into a totally relaxed mode where all I can feel is my heartbeat. 45 minutes of Bliss…My Bliss…a heavenly time of less pain and fatigue. The “orbs, which are balls of energy or light that have been photographed in the Salt Cave, are healing and balancing our bodies.

My brain fog is about 90 percent better, I have more energy, I sleep better and I’ve done things that I haven’t done for years. Recently a lady friend and I went to the Art Institute in Chicago – 3 months ago I wouldn’t have been able to do that much walking in one day! I have had some bumps on my skin and Seborrheic Keratosis lesions all over my body and both are going away. Also, I have started having hot flashes, since I’ve been going to the Salt Cave, and I believe that my body is trying to rid itself of the inflammation that is caused by Fibromyalgia.

Many different people come to experience the Salt Cave for many different reasons. I have encountered people who fall asleep and snore during the session. Some people may feel annoyed or frustrated by the sound of someone snoring. My suggestion is to bring a MP3 player or ear plugs with you to your session. Even if you aren’t able to hear the sounds of the ocean you are still benefiting from the healing properties of the Salt Cave. If you haven’t experienced the Salt Cave and are looking for a relaxing experience, call Jody for an appointment. Jody is very gracious and offers many discounts and Salt Cave Packages are offered at a lower rate.

When I first heard about Synergie, I was very skeptical. It just sounded too good to be true. Nothing that easy could have such dramatic results, but it did. I lost 29 pounds in six weeks. Never had I lost weight and inches so quickly. I had tried every diet out there and always gave up because of the lack of quick results. Not only has Synergie helped me to lose inches, but I noticed that it also helped my aching muscles. I am now able to walk my dog without any lower back pain. It’s truly an amazing treatment.
R.F. 12/2000

Let me tell you, I am impressed with the results from Synergie! I am a 35 year-old mother of three. I stand 5’8” and weigh 125 pounds. I work out 4-5 times weekly, drink a lot of water and eat healthy. But, I still battled that nasty thigh and buttocks rippling called cellulite. I was hesitant that anything would work without being painful. I did not want to have any surgery, nor did I want to drop any more weight. So, after a pleasant first visit with Jodie, I was sold. Within a couple of weeks of treatments, I noticed a definite tightening of the skin on the front of my thighs. Then, a couple treatments later, one ugly “pucker” underneath my buttocks was virually gone. I feel more confident now in a bathing suit, and my husband says I have never looked better. The synergie process works. And, with monthly maintenance, I believe my legs will continue to look great. It is truly a healthy means to improving those problem areas that “would never get there” with just a good diet and regular exercise. Try it will see the results.

I am 22 years old and decently fit. However I have always had certain areas of cellulite (mainly around my upper thighs) that I have never been able to get rid of. I spent countless hours trying various exercise and countless dollars on miracle diet drugs. However, I was never quite able to attack my problem area. I feared the risk involved in liposuction. Then, I heard that Synergie was an FDA approved alternative to lipo. After about six treatments, I really started to notice a difference. I was able to have a professionally certified technician focus on my problem areas. My measurements were shrinking and I was toner and firmer all around. Jody made me feel comfortable during my appointments and more confident in my everyday life. My boyfriend was skeptical at first, but now he is as excited as I am about my new and improved body.
S.R.H. June 2002

I’m a firm believer that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is but I was wrong about this. IT DOES WORK. You might have to be a little patient but sooner or later you will see results. I did so I KNOW it does work. Get rid of that ugly cellulite appearance.
L.M. June 2002

With synergie I was able to loose inches and firm my lower body. It improved my circulation and muscle tone. I looked forward to my weekly sessions as they relaxed my body and at the same time helped to release toxins throughout my system and increase my energy level.
F.B. July 2002