Spa Services

MASSAGE - Banish stress, release tension & relax your tired aching muscles with a massage; soothing Swedish to Deep Tissue and more. The Amethyst Bed is included with all of our massages. Massage packages are available upon request.
55 min. $90
90 min. $125

HOT LAVA SHELL MASSAGE - Like a hot stone massage yet better.
55 min. $125
90 min. $175

- This fabulous technique works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, enabling you to relax, give in & simply "Be."
55 min. $125

ANTI-AGING MASSAGE - Massage away wrinkles with Peptides! Nourish dry, dehydrated skin with a Peptide-rich emollient that comforts and soothes skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
55 min. $125
6 - 55 min. $675
90 min. $175
6 - 90 min. $900

- These unique massage tools will bring a sense of balance and equilibrium to the body, mind & spirit. This treatment is the ultimate in aromatherapy and exfoliation while releasing blocked energy and increasing awareness and vitality.
45 min. $125