Mystical May


I’m loving my chakra journey!  This month, it’s all about my heart chakra.  The heart chakra represents our energy center from which love, joy, happiness and compassion eminate from.  The lesson of the heart is that we first must love and accept ourselves before we can love others.  When it is in balance, you will be kind, caring, joyous and outgoing.  If your heart chakra is unbalanced, you may feel unloved, unworthy, unappreciated, sad, angry and manipulative.

Green is the color associated with this chakra.  Picturing green in the center of your chest will begin to balance your heart chakra along with lighting green candles.  Rose quartz, jade, green aventurine, emerald, green tourmaline, malachite, rhodochrosite and chrysoprase are the gemstones for this chakra.  Other ways to balance it are:

Affirmation:  Love is the answer to everything.  I am an infinite being full of divine love, which I give freely and openly accept from others!

Oils:  angelica, marjoram, hyssop, lavender, neroli, melissa, rose, chamomile, ylang land, jasmine, sandalwood, rosemary & frankincense

Nature:  Air is the element – the color green is around us in the trees and grass so going out for a walk or laying in the grass allows the heart to feel it and can begin to bring it into balance!

I can’t wait to work on my heart chakra – we all need to love ourselves more.  Think about joining me this month.


$75 for an intro session

$125 for 1 session

$450 for 4 sessions

$800 for 8 sessions

$1050 for 12 sessions

$1200 for 16 sessions


I am so sorry the Red Bed is not in yet.  I’ve been in contact with them weekly and they have been waiting for some parts from overseas.  For those of you who took advantage of the pre-sale, I will be doubling the sessions you have purchased.  I will give you all a call as soon as I have the delivery date.


Although our memberships are not for everyone, we have heard some great feedback on this.  This month, we are rolling out 2 more memberships:  Relaxation and Wellness.  Here is what is included for each of these:

SALT CAVE – Get unlimited access to our Himalayan Salt Cave for just $74 a month.  You will also receive 10% off spa services and 10% off retail products.

RELAXATION – 1 Massage (regular 1-hour) per month along with unlimited Zen Bed and Salt Cave sessions for $124 per month.  You will also receive 15% off spa services and 15% off retail products.

WELLNESS – 2 Ionic Foot Detoxes along with unlimited Infrared Sauna and Salt Cave sessions for $124 per month.  You will also receive 15% off spa services and 15% off retail products.

Memberships are for an initial 3 months and then month to month.  You can cancel after 3 months with a 30-day notice.  Memberships are for you only and cannot be shared.  You can still purchase individual salt cave, zen bed, infrared sauna and ionic foot detox sessions or packages – you don’t have to sign up for these memberships.


Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us – it is also the 13-year anniversary of Timeless.  We will be offering $13 services:  salt cave, zen bed, infrared sauna, amethyst bed and ionic foot detox.  These services must be purchased on Cinco de Mayo, May 5th, but do not need to be scheduled that day.  Only 1 of each service per person – can only be purchased with cash, Visa, MasterCard or Discover.  Thank you for 13 great years!


Your mom called – she said she wants a Timeless Gift Card.  Mother’s Day is the 8th.  Buy a $100 Gift Card, get $25 FREE or buy a $50 Gift Card, get $10 FREE.  This special is good for the whole month.


Shorts and swimsuit season is almost here.  To help get you ready, we are offering 50% off any Thermojet or Vibra Slim Light packages.


Sunday, May 15th 10am – 3pm

Release stress, unleash your energy!  Absorb the negative ions in our Himalayan Salt Cave.  Revitalize with gentle, slow therapeutic movements.  Enjoy a healthy delicious meal, tea and special gift.

Sponsored by:  Michele Foster, Certified Nutritionist, Personal Fitness & Life Coach, Nancy Nesyto-Freske, Certified Clinical somatics Educator and Certified Yoga Therapist

Space is limited…..just $149


I am excited to introduce 2 new members to the Timeless family:  Kelly Goetz and Stacy Chandler.  Kelly does the Lifeline Technique and Eden Energy Medicine.  Lifeline Technique is Guided Intention Setting and Clearing Limiting beliefs that get in the way.  Eden Energy Medicine uses kinesiology as a means of testing 9 different interconnected energy systems.  Stacy is an Intuitive Reiki Crystal Healer and Psychic Medium.


We will be closing at 3pm on Saturday, the 28th.  Memorial weekend begins our summer hours – the only difference will be Saturdays where we’ll be closing at 3pm instead of 5pm thru Labor Day.


We have alot happening this month.  For more information about any of these, please go to our Calendar of Events on our website or give us a call.

Thursday, the 5th – 13-year Anniversary and Cinco de Mayo

Sunday, the 8th – Happy Mother’s Day

Tuesday, the 10th – Nutritional Class in the Salt Cave

Thursday, the 12th – Reiki Share in the Salt Cave

Saturday, the 14th – Akaschic Records Readings with Julie

Sunday, the 15th – Purification Retreat

Saturday, the 21st – Psychic/Intuitive & Palm Readings with JoAnn

Saturday, the 28th – Akashic Records Readings with Ania

Monday, the 30th – Memorial Day – closed


Akaschic Records & Shamballa with Ania


Magnet Therapy & Bach Flower Consults with Michele

Intuitive/Palm Reading with Carole

Theta Healing with Conni

Intuitive Readings with Janyce


Astrology & Intuitive Readings with Jamie

Crystal Sound Healing & Intuitive Readings with Stacy

Lifeline Technique & Eden Energy Medicine with Kelly


Cupping, Jin Shin Jyutsu & more with Andrea

Reconnective Healing with Pam

Theta Healing with Conni

Akashic Records Readings with Ania

Intuitive Readings with Janyce


Akashic Records Readings with Ania

PURSUE…..Folow Your Passion, Listen To Your Heart, Make Every Day A Celebration Of Your Vision And Soul.   Robin Pickens


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